Location Intelligence for Business

Digital Transformation

The Transformation of Business by Data Science

Most digitally savvy executives use data-driven insights to propel faster decision-making. But the most competitive organizations and industries are transforming core business practices by tapping into a critical dimension of data—location.

Businesses are Discovering the Hidden Value in their Data: Location Intelligence

Location data — the ‘where’ factor — is especially valuable for businesses and organizations today. In an era where we are connecting billions of data-producing products, assets, buildings, and devices to the Internet, each with a unique location, the need to use location intelligence technology to discover the hidden value in data will only grow. Fed by spatial analytics and real-time data, location intelligence technology has broad applications, ranging from optimizing supply chain management to using real-time field updates for utilities to advanced customer analytics for retailers.

Driving Digital Transformation with Location Intelligence Powered by a Geographic Information System (GIS)

In a connected, mobile world, location is the ultimate common reference point. Location gives data context — on everything from customer buying habits to up-to-the-moment asset movement. GIS-powered location intelligence technology combines location data with multiple layers of information — like customer relationship management, business intelligence, and asset management — onto interactive, real-time maps, visualizations, and dashboards that drive stronger decision-making.

Learn How Location Technology Drives Business Growth

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From Digital Disruption to Digital Domination

The digital revolution is here, and it’s upending business as you know it. To survive, you need a trusted and reliable framework to quickly discover and generate the right data-driven insights. With a location strategy, you can unlock the full potential of data to crush competitors, delight customers, and uncover new avenues for profitable growth.

Discover Local Insights

See how a location strategy can reveal hidden intelligence in your own backyard. Simply enter a ZIP Code and pick relevant topics to explore up to 10 different consumer spending, demographic, and behavioral trends and see your neighborhood like never before

Digital Dominance Starts with Better Insights

Everything in business happens somewhere. Use that fact to your advantage. When you tap into the integrative and analytical power of location, you can boost customer loyalty, improve real estate portfolios, slash operational costs, and build a better supply chain. A location strategy can help any business find profitable growth. Retailers uncover customer and market insights to optimize product mixes and boost customer engagement. Real estate firms find hidden gems in underserved markets and determine the best use for any property. Manufacturers unlock new markets for their products and keep a closer eye on their distribution. And logistics companies optimize their territories and operations to boost service levels without increasing expenses.


Harness The Power of Data Bring Clarity to Data Chaos

Don’t let data overwhelm you. A location strategy synthesizes and contextualizes incoming data from IoT sensors, CRM systems, and other sources—giving your business insights that really matter. From simple spreadsheets with sales figures to big data streams with billions of records, you’ll discover a new level of meaning.

Accelerate Business Agility Run Your Business in Real Time

The world runs in real time. So should your business decisions. Access live information about your business, whenever it happens, wherever you are, to spot opportunities and threats before your competitors do. Unleash predictive analytics on IoT data and your own data to stay ahead of the curve and dominate.

Unleash Your Staff’s Expertise Empower Your People

Your people are your business, and they make hundreds of business decisions every day. Give them the tools to help your business thrive. A location strategy puts the right data and self-service analytics in the hands of your employees. Shorten decision cycles and ensure consistency across your business.